All three branches of the U.S. Armed Forces use the Sonic System®: the Army, the Air Force, and the Marines.



The Challenge

During this century, an estimated one billion diesel engines have been manufactured, and the majority are still on the road. These engines fuel the flow of commerce, for they are the common denominator in trains, buses, trucks, generators, compressors, military vehicles, mining equipment, tractors, farming machinery and heavy-duty equipment, and co-generation plants, to name a few.

One of the most critical components that is common to all these applications is the need for an air filter to protect the engine from dirt and debris. When a filter becomes saturated with dirt it must be removed, and until recently, the only options available for replacing the dirty filter were purchasing a new air filter or wet washing the old one. The downside with buying new air filters is the expense involved. For a sizeable fleet operation, replacing air filters becomes a significant and irritating cost, especially in our current stagnant economy.

Wet washing presents another set of problems. First of all, the manufacturers of air filters don't recommend the process, which damages the filter, and could damage the engine as well. Further, wet washing is not the most effective process for cleaning your air filter and poses a great risk then reward! Research of the Donaldson Company in Minneapolis concludes that 30 percent of an air filter's service life can be lost each time it's washed. This, along with the damaging effects of the washing process, explains why filter manufacturers do not warranty their filters after they have been wet washed.

The challenge was presented: How to provide a cost-effective, yet efficient option for recycling the air filter, while serving our renewed commitment to the environment and to sensible solid waste management practices.

Sonic Dry Clean met the challenge head on. Three years of painstaking research, design and testing resulted in a revolutionary cleaning process and system that cleans air filters automatically by using computer controlled sequences of compressed air, vibration and vacuum: A Better Way Now with over 600 SDC System in use worldwide, SDC literally leaves the competition in the dust!


Test Results

The SONIC SYSTEM® has been independently tested by The Southwest Research Institute of San Antonio, TX; Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Los Angeles, CA; PSI-Professional Services Industries, Inc., Seattle, WA; and the United States Military.

Those tests have proven conclusively that a Sonic® Dry Cleaned air filter has a higher filtration efficiency than a new filter. This means that a Sonic® Dry Cleaned air filter is a safe and cost effective alternative to purchasing new air filters. These actual test results, with the exception of the Unites States Military are in our test results PDF download.

Professional Service Industries Inc.

Tests were conducted using one new filter and three filters that were cleaned 1, 2, and 3 times, respectively, by the Sonic® Dry Clean process. A comparison was made between each of the filter’s airflow characteristics. The tests concluded that the airflow and restriction of a Sonic® Dry Cleaned air filter was the same, or better than that of a new air filter.

United States Military

A Sonic® Dry Clean "beta test" System was installed for test purposes at a military installation in the Southwest United States. The Sonic® Dry Clean System was used to clean 57 heavy-duty air filters. The results of the test included noticeable improvements in air filter airflow and performance after cleaning. Both the results and the ease of operation impressed personnel at the military installation. Some of the benefits included lower operating costs, reduced air filter inventories and fewer problems with the disposal of used air filters to landfills. The potential life cycle cost savings for the installation alone was estimated at $600,000.00.

Southwest Research Institute of San Antonio, Texas

The Southwest Research Institute of San Antonio, Texas conducted efficiency and dust capacity tests on one new air filter element and three Sonic® Dry Cleaned air filter elements. The elements were tested in a 1P7330 Caterpillar Housing with a 613833 Radial Seal Kit. The initial efficiency for the new air filter was 98.37% - it’s cumulative efficiency was 99.79%. The cumulative efficiency of the three Sonic® Dry Cleaned air filters was measured at 99.95% to 99.96%, respectively. The result is that a Sonic® Dry Cleaned air filter is 17% more efficient than a brand new air filter!

L.A. County Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Tests were conducted using one new air filter and three LACMTA air filters that were cleaned 1, 2, and 3 times, respectively, by the Sonic® Dry Clean process. Three test cycles were run for each filter; the Federal CBD cycle: the Steady State cycle: and the Steady State 4% uphill grade cycle. Test data concluded that the Sonic® Dry Cleaned air filters had no adverse affect on an engine’s emissions or performance as compared to results from the new air filter and previous LACMTA tests. In fact, engine emissions were actually found to be lower in a majority of the tests that were performed and the performance of the engine was either unchanged or was improved through the use of the Sonic® Dry Cleaned air filters.

California Environmental Testing Laboratory

The California Environmental Testing Laboratory observed tests conducted at Sonic® Dry Clean™, Inc. The four filters used for testing were (1) a new Duralife, (2) a new Baldwin, (3) a new K&N, and (4) a Fleetguard that had been cleaned by the Sonic System. Although the K&N air filter is historically only used in race vehicles due to the large amount of unfiltered air allowed to pass through to the engine, it was decided upon that the K&N air filter be included in the test for comparative reasons. All Filters were weighed prior to testing. The Duralife, Baldwin and Fleetguard were all returned to within 2.5% of their original weight. The K&N air filter weighed 16.1% higher than it’s original weight because the K&N only trapped 83.8% of the paint compared to 98.7% for the other three. The test proved that the Sonic® process extends the life of air filters while lowering maintenance costs.

No other air filter cleaning system, or method, has undergone and overwhelmingly passed more tests by more independent research divisions and testing laboratories than the SDC Air Filter Dry Cleaning System.

In fact, it is the only system in the world where independent tests have proven beyond a doubt that the Sonic® Dry Clean process will extend your air filter’s life, help protect the environment and help your company lower operational and maintenance costs on equipment and vehicles.

When it comes to tests, it has always been our belief to stand the Sonic System® up against any field test or laboratory test that comes our way.

Sonic® Dry Clean manufactures both automatic cylindrical filter systems and automatic V-PAC filter cleaning systems for tactical vehicles such as the Abrams Main Battle Tank.

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