The Sonic® Machine uses internationally patented technology to safely and effectively clean virtually any cylindrical air filter up to 37” in height and 20” in outside diameter. With “push button” operation the Sonic® Machine is the only completely automatic system on the market today.

For maximum cleaning effectiveness, the air filter cleaning chamber is completely sealed and under constant vacuum. Inside the cleaning chamber, are three strategically placed vacuum nozzles; one nozzle for the main cleaning chamber and two nozzles located on the inside and the outside of the air filter. The vacuum nozzles are designed to work closely together with two sets of air nozzles to ensure that every inch of the air filter is cleaned. The vacuum and air nozzles are engineered to work in sync which enables the Sonic® Machine to clean both inside/outside and outside/inside air filters with the flick of a switch.

SDC Manometer Station

The Manometer Station is used to test dirty air filters before and after the Sonic® Dry Clean process. This station allows the operating technician to accurately measure the amount of pressure drop for the air filter. The operating technician can then use this measurement to compare against baseline data on the air filter to determine the operational status of the air filter. This process ensures that the air filter is returned to service with the required filtering efficiency

SDC Inspection Booth

The Inspection Booth allows the operator to accurately determine the integrity of the filter media. The inspection station utilizes a custom manufactured 750-watt halogen light source center, which allows the operator to easily and safely inspect the air filter's media for damaging effects, ranging from large tears in the media to microscopic pinholes that are not readily visible to the naked eye.

SDC Waste Collection System

The SONIC SYSTEM® is a completely self-contained cleaning unit with a waste disposal system that allows the particulate matter to be collected and sealed in bags or cans for safe disposal. The non-biodegradable material and waste collected is reduced in volume compared to more traditional methods. Standard for all Sonic Systems® is a three or six bag rack collection unit. The bag rack unit is specifically designed to meet both the airflow requirements and collection requirements of the customer's application.

The Sonic® Cleaning Process

The operating technician simply determines if the filter is dirty on the inside or outside, flips a switch to the proper inside/outside setting and then presses the “start” button. Once the “start” button is pushed, a self-adjusting arm lowers down and locks the filter into a proper and secure position activating the vibration cycle.

From start to finish the total time duration for the vibration cycle is approximately 17 seconds. During the vibration cycle, the air filter is rotated on special “clicks” while the angled air nozzles blow controlled, compressed air inside and outside the air filter. The combination of vibration, rotation and compressed air allows the machine to loosen and remove any heavily impacted dirt or debris that may be located in the filter element. Any dirt or debris loosened during the cycle is quickly vacuumed away to the Dust Collection System. After the vibration cycle stops the air nozzles are activated and the clean cycle begins. The clean cycle begins with specifically engineered air nozzles moving in and onto the air filter, automatically adjusting to both the inside and outside surfaces of the air filter. There are two sets of air nozzles, one on the inside of the air filter and the other set located on the outside of the air filter. The two sets of air nozzles are specifically designed to mirror each other causing the compressed air to glance off of the filter's media. The particulate matter is never blown through the media where damage can occur, but back against the original path of travel. This part of the cleaning process removes the remaining amount of dirt and debris from the filter. The time duration of the clean cycle is approximately 5 minutes. Upon completion, the Sonic® Machine automatically stops and releases the air filter, signaling that the cleaning process is done.

When the automatic clean cycle is finished, the technician then removes the clean filter cartridge from the machine and places it on the SDC Finishing Table for end cap cleaning of the filter and final wipe down. The operator then takes the filter to the SDC Inspection Booth where the filter element is checked on a 750-watt light source. Here the filter is slowly rotated around the light source while the operator inspects the media for any pinholes.

The operator then places the filter on the SDC Manometer to check the airflow (this is also done prior to cleaning). Finally, the operator treats the filter gasket with a rubber preservative or replaces the gasket altogether. The rubber preservative ensures that the gasket is kept in good condition and is not used to clean the filter. If the gasket cannot be repaired or replaced, the filter is rejected.