Why Ultra Filter Clean, Bakes our DPF's

As the filter reaches the appropriate temprature in our automated kiln, the particals that have built up in your DPF will start to release as they burn off and turn to ash. This ash can then be blown out of the filter to restore the factory flow specifications. You can see this process in the picture as the burnt sections come out of the honeycomb in "noodle like" pieces due to this extreme example. While air alone will remove some of the built up material in your DPF, it will not remove it all. The baking process is the only sure way to remove all of the built up material in your exhaust filter.


Why Use Ultra FIlter Clean?

Ultra Filter Clean uses the leading technology in DPF cleaning. Your filter is tested both at arrival and departure to assure that the air flow is unrestricted and meets the requirments to maintain top performance and fuel economy in your vehicle.

After testing upon arrival, we bake our DPF's in a smart technology oven. Our smart oven is set to burn off the hydrocarbons while monitoring the temperature, as so it increases temperature at a rate that will not damage the substrate of the filter. After the filter has cooled to an acceptable temperature we move to the next process of cleaning.

Unlike other automated air systems our filters are blown out manually with not only a large volume of air, but a high suction vacuum system. This process allows us to not to pass over each area once or twice but to focus on areas of the filter where the exhaust naturally flows. Being able to focus on a single area for a longer period of time assures that the natural path of flow is completely clean, no areas are left obstructed and to pass over as many times as needed.