Quality standards

All filters cleaned with UFC are tested for external dents, internal cracks and any anomalies that could effect the performance of your filter both after and before the regeneration prosess. This is followed by monometer testing to ensure the proper air flow of your filter and will also be documented on your invoice. At the first sign of any anomalies or air restriction you will be notified.

Core Exchange program

Ultra filter clean is offering a core exchange for our customers convenience and to minimize the down time of your truck. We offer free pick up and delivery service to get your exchange to you asap. The exchanged filter recieved by UFC must meet our core program requirments. No gouges, no internal or external cracks, no dents, no unremovable marks, as determined by your OEM* supplier. Ask a UFC employee if your filter qualifies to be exchanged. In the event of internal cracks or any damage of the core exchanged, additional replacment charges will apply.  All the filters in our exchange programs meet the highest standard of emissions control set out by your OEM* . This service is only available with OEM* filters.




*Original Equipment Manufacturer