Ultra Filter Clean DPF Services

Understanding the importance of keeping your fleet on the road we offer a number of services to fill your DPF needs.

Filter Cleaning

We offer 24 hour turn around service on our cleaning program. Your filter will be baked in a temprature controled specialty kiln before being blown out with high volume air to assure the best possible clean. Followed by being tested for proper air flow, as well as quality tested for any possible damage, cracks in the cermamic, or anomalies that could affect differential pressure.


Core Exchange

Ultra FIlter clean is now offering a core exchange program for your OEM diesel particulate filter. This allows the customer to bring in a plugged filter and have a cleaned, tested, quality product, to immediatly put in their unit and get back on the road with no 24 waiting period. *


New DPF For Purchase

We are now carrying the most common DPF filters for purchase through an after market supplier. A wide range of filters can be ordered with no core filter for exchange in a timely manner. If it is to have a spare on hand for your fleet or replacment for a damaged filter, these filters will meet all your emissions requirment needs.


*For detailed exchange program information and all pricing information please contact one of our helpful staff menbers